Monday, 11 March 2013

Resources to use with international students

I have recently used the following resources  with international students. They were both very successful in terms of decreasing culture shock effect, enhancing cross-cultural awareness and alleviating loneliness.

Just Connect and International Students Connect
These are 96-page magazine-style materials for international students in the UK. Ideally they can be handed to students on arrival to be kept as personal records of their stay in the UK. They introduce readers to important issues in a light-hearted way. Above all, they encourage students to make the most of their stay in the country while exploring the rich terrains of inter- and cross-cultural awareness.
The books are supported by substantial Resource Materials. These provide EFL/ESOL classroom materials on topics such as culture shock, British identities, British families, making friends, educational culture, food, leisure, the law, governance and much more. While informing students of British customs and practices, they teach through the cultural capital of all the students present in any given classroom.
Just Connect is suitable for students at intermediate English language levels.
International Students Connect is suited to more mature students with upper-intermediate and advanced English.

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
An interesting take on about misunderstandings between two cultures: Chinese and English. The book was recommended by some of my Chinese students. It might help students to understand English culture and calm their loneliness by making them realize they are not the only ones experiencing the feeling. Mind you: some chapters contain strong references to sexual experiences so be cautious with who you recommend it to, a more mature student would be perhaps more appropriate.

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