Monday, 11 March 2013

Enhancing the Postgraduate International Student Experience - Prezi Presentation

My first blog entry includes a link to my Prezi presentation on my current PhD research work that I presented to members of University of Reading Institute of Education Equity, Inclusion and Improvement Research Group on 5 March 2013. The purpose of it was to recruit staff members to my upcoming focus groups and interviews (data collection stage). The presentation was successful as I managed to recruit few members of the research group who initially agreed to be participants of my inquiry. I received few comments which I will use to refine my methodological approach with particular emphasis on the role of a researcher as an insider (Alan Floyd) and including questionnaires as a less intimidating method of sharing one's thoughts on internationalisation (Carol Fuller and Daguo Li).

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  1. Hey Tomasz - crikey, straight into blogging and Prezi..? You'll be after my job next!

    Glad to see you've started blogging. You've inspired me to write some more reflective entries on my blog, as currently I only use it as a scrapbook of useful learning technology stuff. I'd be very interested to hear more about your PhD research as I'm trying to get to grips with similar concepts at the moment!