Wednesday, 13 March 2013

BOOM - It started! Focus groups with students have been advertised!

I've just sent out invitations to my focus groups with students. I'm targetting both UCA and UoR PG student cohorts. I posted the invitations on various university fb groups to attract as many target group members as possible. I've tricked them into free food and drinks during focus groups. There have been few positive responses so far!

Also, I've contacted UoR International Students Part-time Officer (Ushana) and  Postgraduate Student’s Part-time Officer (Sian) to help me track down students who could potentially contribute to my inquiry.

Here's my invitation:

Are you a POSTGRADUATE student?

I would like you to take part in my focus groups regarding University for the Creative Arts international profile with regard to teaching, learning, assessment and enhancement of the international student experience overall?

I want to explore various experiences of BOTH postgraduate international students with English as their second language AND postgraduate home

My study is based around questions regarding current teaching, learning and assessment methods accommodating the international postgraduate students’ needs, international and home PG students perceptions and what impact they has on their student journey. I would also like to explore various communities international PG students become members of while studying and what influence can these communities have on their learning process.

Free food and drinks provided!

Like this post if you want to take part in my focus groups and I will get back to you with further details. Please share it with other PG international and home students.

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